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Kanger Mini ProTank 2

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The ProTank 2 is eGo Threaded and will work on a eGo threaded MOD without the need for an adapter. In the Mini ProTank 2 the Pyrex glass on the tank is replaceable. Also, this product is glue free. It also takes 510 drip tips. Replaceable Atomizer Heads (Evod and ProTank 1 atomizer) Bottom Coil Pyrex Glass Advertised with a 1.5ml capacity Unlike other KangerTech tanks, the Mini ProTank 2 is eGo threaded and it will work on eGo threaded MOD/APV without the need of an adapter When possible, keep the tank full and never below 1/3 full of E-Liquid. This helps maintain the "Vacuum" in the tank and prevent leaks.