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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kona Coffee E-Liquid

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$12.99 - $249.99
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Il caffè Kona è un tipo di caffè coltivato nel distretto di Kona alle Hawaii. Secondo gli intenditori di caffè, il caffè Kona è uno dei migliori caffè gourmet del mondo. Il gusto dipende dalla tostatura, ma c'è un consenso sul fatto che il caffè Kona abbia un sapore dolce e burroso. È corposo e può avere sfumature di nocciola, floreale o cioccolato. Scopri il gusto di questa varietà di Caffè Arabica con il nostro e-liquid Kona Coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Saavedra
What I Was Looking For

I am so happy I found Kona Coffee E-Liquid! My previous liquid has been discontinued from the store I was buying from. I searched months for a blend like it. Never was satisfied. That is until I found KONA! Just what I was looking for in taste.

Lynn Bowman
Just awful!

My husband hated this flavor. He bought it because of all of the positive reviews about the skunky smell. We like skunky smelling smelling coffee, but skunky tasting coffee is an entirely different matter. It went to the trash.

Laura Schumann

Nice subtle flavor.

Kelly Johnson
Love it!

I have been vapng a coffee liquid from a local store since 2010. That business closed and I spent months orderig from different companies and then BAMM I tried the Kona coffee and it was a game changer. Hands down the best and strongest coffee I have ever vaped with NO sweet aftertaste or undertones. The only downside which doesnt bother me is that people around you often think they smell a skunk. LOL It is just a great flavor!

Surfergal58 Kolina
Quality and taste oh so delicious!

Coffee and taste for Kona Coffee E-Liquid taste oh so delicious and great! I recommend this choice to anyone who enjoys the taste and aroma of Kona Coffee. Mahalo E-Liquid!