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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Based on 486 reviews

Virginia Cured Tobacco E-Liquid

Very good

Very clean taste

Cinnamon Candy E-Liquid
Carey Blanchard

It was great. Now I’m getting the bigger bottle since I know I love the taste. Glad we could get smaller bottles to try it first

Cheesecake E-Liquid
Richard Parsons

Cheesecake is very good. I plan on ordering more for sure

Watermelon E-Liquid
Carey Blanchard

It was great a nice crisp flavor would buy again

Menthol E-Liquid
Laurie Thrash
Spearmint, not menthol

Sour candy. Had horrible after taste. Dreadfull!

Low perfume, fast burn

I came to e-liquid from another American supplier which, it seems, will be “offline” for an undisclosed amount of time. Former smoker looking for something darker without the perfume and without the flavours. I tried 6 different types and settled on Westen and Havana tobacco. Both have the least perfume I could find. I will say however that the e-liquids are thinner than what I had prior and, thus, they burn faster. For a 30mil bottle, for me that means 2 fewer days than before. Other than that, if your not looking for flavours or fruit, this is my preference.

Rose Tobacco is Amazing!

Perfect blend that I’ve been searching for! I just live it and will continue to order! Thanks so much for making this!

Nport E-Liquid
Nport and Menthol

I mix the nport with the menthol, usually half and half

very chemical tasting

No popcorn flavor at all. Taste like very harsh cough syrup. Was terrible. Ruined my coil

RY4 Double E-Liquid
Roger Hinman
Great DRY4

This is good stuff. It will be my new go to.

peanut chemical taste

The peanut butter and the popcorn juice was terrible... had a very strong chemical taste. Like very nasty cough syrup. No peanut butter flavor whatsoever. It ruined my coil and took a long time to get that chemical taste out of my tank. Very nasty

Not bad

As with jus about everything I get from here it tastes overly sweet but it still a do able flavor. I wish that there was less sweetener in their juices But I can live with it.

Cherry Cola E-Liquid
Barbara Meyers

Cherry Cola E-Liquid

Hooo boy!

I don’t know what that is but it’s not buttered popcorn. I’ve given it several tries, “shaking well” for over a minute. I can’t even describe the taste besides BAD.

Red Type E-Liquid
Roberta Phillips

Didn’t like it

5 star 🌟

Love the place..still looking for sweet and fruity

Excellent flavor

I only use tobacco flavored e-liquid, but sometimes they can be a little harsh. Rose tobacco e-liquid was perfect. Not too harsh and not too sweet.

Vanilla Tobacco E-Liquid

Well rounded tobacco flavor

Not too strong. Nice carmel undertones, very smooth. First bottle went very quickly so I ordered more in a larger volume. Second batch was a bit strong with the flavoring. Not sure if the flavoring used is alcohol based but it was a bit more harsh. I did notice that the batch date was very close to the shipping date and my receipt of the product. I will allow to steep and see if it improves. Next time I will order in smaller quantity. Overall I would recommend flavor.


Camel Type E-Liquid
charles crawford

Smooth with no bite on inhale and no nasty aftertaste on exhale. This is now my go to juice.

Chocolate Tobacco: Nice change but not a daily vape for me.

The chocolate flavor is there on initial vape but with subsequent vapes, it disappears into the tobacco flavor. I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it, l, but just not an all-day vape for me.
I prefer the French Pipe flavor to this one.

Menthol E-Liquid
Jack Childress


Great juice

It's everything they say it is and more. my favorite everyday vape . complex nodes of tobacco with the sweet taste of honey.