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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Based on 565 reviews
USA Blend E-Liquid
james broad

great service and good product

Coconut lover

Smooth and not to sweet

Lime soda pop

Nice strong start, but it's more like soda pop than pie... It's got a great tang to mix with others.
I feel like these seem to loose flavor after several refills. Maybe it's just me..

Mint Gum E-Liquid
Kristian Ceurvels

Mint Gum E-Liquid

Coconut E-Liquid
Dannette Eldridge

Coconut E-Liquid

Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid

Coffee & Cream E-Liquid
Deanna Thompson

Good flavor

Strawberry E-Liquid
Peter Ethier

Strawberry E-Liquid

Good Juice with the worst packaging ever

The parcel arrived almost open and with one 100ml bottle broken dripping all over the place. Not even inside a box rather it was travelled from US to AU on an envelop!!
Giving 2 stars only because the juice was good

Pumpkin Spice E-Liquid
Thomas Santoriello
not bad

this one is alright it tastes like pumpkin spice with ginger and clove

Menthol E-Liquid
Ernest Miller
Good menthol - iffy bottles

The 30ml bottles are very stiff and hard to squeeze. The 100ml bottles are wonderful - easy to squeeze and the fill is very fast. The menthol is quite good.

Root Beer Float E-Liquid

RY4 Double E-Liquid
Dustin Smith
Received Replacement Shipment!

Great and rapid response to my issue. The replacement package has still split open. The five bottle were there, but I would recommend using different packaging for shipments going forward. Thanks again!

Lemon E-Liquid
Cheryl Trulove

Like it

Could use more banana

I do enjoy the juicy fruit flavor, however it doesn't taste exactly like juicy fruit. I sense some type of flavor being overused, almost like a grape flavor. I think it should taste more like banana like real juicy fruit does.

USA Mix E-Liquid
Paul Holmes
E-liquid Rocks!

Great customer service

Minty perfection!

This wintergreen is delicious! Slightly sweet and very refreshing! Love!

USA Mix E-Liquid
John LaCrosse
Great product wicked fast shipping

The title says it all. GREAT

Kona Coffee E-Liquid
Jennifer Saavedra
What I Was Looking For

I am so happy I found Kona Coffee E-Liquid! My previous liquid has been discontinued from the store I was buying from. I searched months for a blend like it. Never was satisfied. That is until I found KONA! Just what I was looking for in taste.

Great vape

The taste is really good

USA Blend E-Liquid
John R Hankins
Just like a Marlboro

I have smoked a little over 60 years, the last 5 of those were with e juice to vape. This is the best to make up for the Marlboro`s I used to smoke. At first it took a little time to get used to but now it makes taste like a ashtray. I realy love this flavor.

Cappuccino E-Liquid
Timothy Boyke

Great Flavor

Amazing as always

Shipping was fast and great flavor as always

Excellent BUT...

Exactly what I wanted, but the default flavor is slightly weaker than I like. An extra drop or 2 would not be wasted here. Great buy!

Menthol E-Liquid
bill butler
First time buyer

Menthol e liquid is good and has a decent throat hit but could be stronger, otherwise great service and speedy shipping but would love to see you tweak the menthol so it gives you a stronger throat hit and a bit more mint menthol. I purchased the 80pg/20vg and it was more like A 70/30 mix. But love the company so far and will purchase again..