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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Based on 276 reviews
Great juice!

Very good juice and quality made.

Great taste

This USA Blend has a great flavor. Only bad comment is having arthritis it is hard for me to squeeze out liquid into vape.

Camel Type E-Liquid
I'm a Camel Type

Camel is a rich full tobacco flavored Juice that I've been enjoying for about 10 years now. It's great by it's self but I prefer to mix it half and half with E-Liquid's "Rum Tobacco". Together they make a flavor that is very satisfying to me.
Mark Hale

French Vanilla E-Liquid
Steve Sicurella

Finally found the perfect e liquid.... can't go wrong with this one!!!!

Dragon's Blood E-Liquid
Joanne Dinsmore
Not pleased at all!

I have tried the first bottle of the 10 that I ordered! I trusted that the contents would be the same that I had been accustomed to using. Instead of the amber color was replaced with a clear liquid that had a strong chemical taste. I would like to return the 9 unopened bottles on order #23974 for credit or replacement with original blend. Please issue a R/A # for my return. I am very unhappy, I await your response. Thank you, Joanne Dinsmore


USA Mix E-Liquid
Jo Ann Massengill

I recommend this product for use. USA MIX is the best.

Priority Processing
Dana LeBlanc
Very impressed...

The flavors are true & don't taste artificial. Placing an order was easy & my order was delivered ahead of it's projected delivery date. I won't order from anyone but E-Liquid.com from now on. Thank you guys so much!

Camel Type E-Liquid
Antoine Johnson
Ordering again

Taste just like a camel to me
It gets the job done

Dulce De Leche E-Liquid

Hazelnut E-Liquid
Dana LeBlanc
Love it!!

I bought two bottles of the hazelnut & two bottles of the French vanilla. The flavors are great by themselves & are great mixed together. I use mesh coils & these vape juices are a perfect match with them. I won't be buying from anyone else but E-Liquid.com after getting to enjoy these flavors. I have no doubt their other flavors are really good too.
Thank you for putting out such good products!!

Menthol E-Liquid
George Mickens

FINALLY, I Found one that has a REAL Menthol Taste, and I've Tried them All, This One is the BEST!

Menthol E-Liquid
Doro Victor
Love Menthol

So far I have tested out many menthol flavors, this one is one of the top favorites of my menthol selections. With it icy cool but very smooth refreshing taste, its an all-day vape for me.

Cinnamon Candy E-Liquid

Vanilla E-Liquid
Marc Silvia
Great flavor

Best all day vape! I’m not a fan of “custard” flavors. Vanilla is great. It’s just what it says. Straight vanilla. Fantastic!


Absolutely loved the vanilla/tobacco mix

Wensten E-Liquid
Carol Fox
I finally found you!

I have been looking for a new juice for what seems like forever. The amount of money spent on juice is probably a crime. I found Wensten and I am happy once again. Hope it stays in stock, and your company can mail to NC :)

Wensten E-Liquid
Joe Forcucci

Wensten E-Liquid

Great Taste

Took a long time to find a Cinnamon juice that I like! Cinnamon Candy E-Liquid is the best!!

Vanilla Bourbon

Excellent quality, superior service

Always the very best quality

E-Liquid.com is the perfect vape vendor. Abundant variety and great customer service….we love combining the menthol & tobacco flavors (50-50). Kudos to E-Liquid.com for bringing a wonderful American product to market!

Red Type E-Liquid
Vivian Floyd
So happy!

I was pleasantly surprised that the flavor was very similar to the brand I had been using, That company shut down, so I have been trying to find one with a similar taste. Thank you, thank you thank you!

USA Blend E-Liquid
Deborah Fernandez

USA Blend E-Liquid

Cappuccino E-Liquid
Susan Dunaway


French Vanilla Deluxe E-Liquid excellent smooth to use.

French Vanilla Deluxe E-Liquid excellent smooth to use. I mix a little coconut with it 👍